Dyspraxia sufferer takes aim

Dyspraxia sufferer takes aim James, 13, writes in to TTWS about thespoof I posted a few days ago under the Funny or Offensive? heading. James found it offensive, as did I: (as did FA)

I can’t believe anyone would laugh at that. Its not dyspraxic peoples fault they were born with the disorder. I am dyspraxic and im only 13 and i dont find it amusing at all being dyspraxic, you can laugh at the way i flop my arms when i run ( if i do that) but if you were dyspraxic i doubt you would find it amusing. You think we are not as good as you? That person who wrote that ‘parody’ got something right, we are people too, he doesn’t deserve to be British, hes scum and hes probley a decendent of Adolf Hitler, the way he talks.

The logo here is from DyspraxiaIreland.com, which seems a better U.K. site for serious information about this disorder. Thanks for sharing, James.

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