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Depressionforums Chat Closure and Reopening

Chat Closure and Reopening

Due to a number of problems we havd had within the chatroom, such as the newbies who came in and caused disruptions in chat, which resulted in us not having the time to compete the work we needed to do to keep DF running smoothly, chat has now been closed Currently & temporarily, as we have been in in the process of developing a new portal to replace the current one, so we don’t have the time to manage chat for our members in the immediate future. This is so we can bring to you our valued members the information you seek for your health and well being.

However, in a month or so, once the new portal is complete, we will re-open chat on a strictly moderated basis for regular chat sessions each week. Thank you for your understanfing as depressionforums.org continues to expand and grow with your continued support.


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