Coughs, Colds and Flu and your AD’s

Avoid the ingredients: Pseudoephedrine and Dextromethorphan…….. ………which could rarely, but possibly, cause a serotonin syndrome reaction.

You should not take these meds below while on certain antidepressants, especially on an MAOI or SSRI, which could rarely, but possibly, cause a serotonin syndrome reaction.

Avoid the ingredients: Pseudoephedrine – and
Dextromethorphan – found in many cold and cough medications, especially any drug with DM or Tuss in its name.

Drug Interaction Warning

The November/December 1995 NAMI Advocate warned of a potentially fatal drug interaction. It involves selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressants such as Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil and Luvox, (SSRI’s in general). Apparently, a drug interaction between these antidepressants and dextromethorphan and/or pseudoephedrine, found in over-the-counter cold remedies, can cause excessive serotonergic activity. Signs of this “serotonin syndrome” include changes in mental status, hypertension, restlessness, myoclonus (sudden muscle contraction), hyperreflexia (accentuated reflexes), diaphoresis (profuse perspiration), shivering and tremor.

Please check with your physician and check the labels of your cold, cough and sinus meds.
I found plain (no combinations) Benadryl to be effective when I was on Celexa and Wellbutrin and had a cold and never had a problem taking NSAIDs, but we are all so different with different body chemistries and reactions and IMO, just stay away from the ingredients Pseudoephedrine – and Dextromethorphan and of course, consult with your Dr. :;):

Description: Taking CITALOPRAM and ETHANOL may make you more tired than usual.
If you take citalopram and also drink alcohol or take medicines with alcohol in them, you may have more side effects. Tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, including vitamins and herbs. Tell your doctor about the alcohol that you drink. Call your doctor right away for any of the following problems. 1. You feel very drowsy. 2. You feel weak 3. You have trouble standing or walking 4. You have problems with thinking. 5. You have any problems breathing. 6. You feel tired all the time and sleep more than usual

7. And as we all know, alcohol is in itself a depressant.


Drug Checker

NASIDs and Antidepressants

Avoid cold remedies that contain alcohol while on an antidepressant and I hope everyone is safe from cold and flu this season and as with any information that you may read about on, please seek the advice of your health care provider..

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