Coping with anxiety after airline terror plot revealed

Coping with anxiety after airline terror plot revealed (New York-WABC, August 10, 2006) – For some people the thought getting on an airplane is scary enough. But today’s developments out of London have made it even harder for some who have a fear of flying.
Seven’s On Call with Dr. Jay Adlersberg.

Traveling in the best of times is stressful. But today, events made many people even more anxious — and that includes some who weren’t even at the the airport. Anxiety is a real health issue and one which can require some professional attention.

At the airports, fear went into the mix even more today. It’s a place where many are already uncomfortable about going up into the air. Now, the threat of a negative event seemed more possible and more real.

Law intern Miriam Zelinsky works far from the airports but she’s s already thinking about an upcoming flight to the west coast.

“I’m a very anxious flier … it’s very frightening cause I fly a lot,” she said.

You can call it worry, fear, anxiety and even phobia. Today’s events can play havoc with the thoughts and mental states of many Americans, but particularly with those who have had a close call before.

Bea Hanson is a social worker at Safe Horizon, an organization that has counseled and supported thousands of New Yorkers affected by 9/11. One of the purposes of the organization is to help people get through anxiety and trauma. Their suggestion:

“Things we can do to limit our anxiety is to enjoy some time with friends, enjoy some time with family … And talking about it with someone can be helpful,” Bea said.

Many people, particularly travelers, were taking it in stride today. Other people we spoke to were surprised they felt anxious. Again, it’s normal. Take some deep breaths, meditate, go out and run and do something to take the pressure off.
SOURCE:- Dr. Jay Adlersberg

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Read More about Anxiety and Panic Disorders in our forums.

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