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Music to Our Ears

GENIUS AND MADNESS: A Q&A A Conversation With Dr Richard Kogan Richard Kogan, MD, always draws a crowd, whether he is presenting one of his hugely popular lectures at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) or performing brilliantly on the concert stage. His insight into the psychopathology behind creative genius has resulted […]

Wiring the Brain, Literally, to Treat Stubborn Disorders

The procedure starts with a surgeon drilling two holes in the patient's skull. "Every bone and tooth in my head was rattling," says Lisa Battiloro, who was awake, but not in pain, during the eight-hour operation. Neurologists asked her questions and issued commands as they pinpointed the exact spot in her brain for electrical stimulation. [...]

Stan Collymore talking about his personal experiences of depression

Stan Collymore talking about his personal experiences of depression Stan Collymore (@StanCollymore) It’s 4:48am in the morning(Sat 26th Nov 2011),and i’m wide awake. I decided to tweet my own personal experience of my latest bout of Depression yesterday,and firstly wanted to thank the hundreds of messages from friends,journalists,mental health workers,doctors,and sufferers,as well as well wishers.It’s […]

Eating-disorder patients battle insurers over care

Eating-disorder patients battle insurers over care When Jeanene Harlick’s weight dropped to 65 percent of normal, her doctors recommended the San Mateo woman go into an intensive residential treatment facility that specialized in treating anorexia and other eating disorders. But her health insurer, Blue Shield of California, refused to cover her care – not because […]

Emotional Story-Telling after Stressful Experiences: A Way to Find Meaning

  Night by Elie Wiesel Dr Elie Wiesel, an American Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor of Eastern European descent is an internationally recognized writer, teacher, and scholar, who dedicated his life to raising awareness about the Holocaust and about the importance of actively speaking up against human rights violations and genocide, wherever in the world […]

Social Acceptance and Rejection: The Sweet and the Bitter

Social Acceptance and Rejection: The Sweet and the Bitter   For proof that rejection, exclusion, and acceptance are central to our lives, look no farther than the living room, says Nathan Dewall, a psychologist at the University of Kentucky. “If you turn on the television set, and watch any reality TV program, most of them […]

Mood And Experience: Life Comes At You

  Living through weddings or divorces, job losses and children’s triumphs, we sometimes feel better and sometimes feel worse. But, psychologists observe, we tend to drift back to a “set point”-a stable resting point, or baseline, in the mind’s level of contentment or unease. Research has shown that the set points for depression and anxiety […]

In Times of Outer-World Overload, Take an Inner Time-Out

When I speak to people these days, I am struck by how overwhelmed and busy we are all feeling. It seems as though our responsibilities keep mounting, as do the constant inputs that can now reach us 24 hours a day, through emails, the Internet, our cell phones, Facebook messages and more. The combination of […]

Women’s Day: Fighting Stigma

National Alliance on Mental Illness page printed from 950-NAMI;©2011   By Bob Carolla, Director of Media Relations In its May issue, Women’s Day magazine has published personal essays by three women living with different medical conditions who have confronted stigma resulting from their illness. It is a significant article that will reach a […]

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