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I’m One of the 26 Percent with Mental Illness

 In Crisis   Annmarie Timmins, age 9 (left), with her brother on vacation in Franconia Notch.     After the Monitor’s mental health series, “In Crisis,” was published last week, I got one reaction more than any other: Readers were surprised, some unconvinced, that 26 percent of New Hampshire’s residents have a mental health disorder. […]

NBA Player Royce White: Mental Health Revolutionary

Why Royce White Might be the Most Important Athlete Since Muhammad Ali   Royce White slams it down for Iowa State. (Flickr/Reese Strickland) Dave Zirin  February 13, 2013- This week, the most famous NBA player yet to play in the NBA finally took the court. Royce White, rookie forward for the Houston Rockets, suited up […]

Targets of Bully Bosses Aren’t the Only Victims

Feb. 6, 2013 — Abusive bosses who target employees with ridicule, public criticism, and the silent treatment not only have a detrimental effect on the employees they bully, but they negatively impact the work environment for the co-workers of those employees who suffer from "second-hand" or vicarious abusive supervision, according to new research from the […]

Four Habits That Make Relationships Happy

By Kevin D. Arnold, Ph.D., ABPP Created Jul 29 2012 – 10:36am Researchers write much about relationships, publishing literally thousands of articles on what things work—or don’t.  Dr. John Gottman, and the folks at his lab in Seattle, maybe does some of the best research on the topic. The findings help us know what makes […]

Filmmaker Puts His Mental Illness on Screen

  Bud Clayman, a director of the documentary “OC87.” By ANDY WEBSTER Published: May 24, 2012     “This is not a film about hand washing,” says Bud Clayman at the start of “OC87,” adding, “It’s a film about the fear of acting on thoughts.” Mr. Clayman has obsessive-compulsive disorder — specifically “harm O.C.D.,” which involves intense anger and violent imaginings — […]

Millionaire Humbled by Visits to Charities

  BEFORE his visit to Cowley Road, secret millionaire Arfan Razak had two rules written on the kitchen walls of his chain of restaurants. Number one: “Do things as I want them”. Number two: “See number one.” But after a humbling visit to three of Oxford’s homeless and mental health projects, he has added a […]

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