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Novel Therapies for Cognitive Dysfunction Secondary to Substance Abuse; Brief Screening, Referral, and Cognitive Rehabilitation

Novel Therapies for Cognitive Dysfunction Secondary to Substance Abuse;  Brief Screening, Referral, and Cognitive Rehabilitation Advances in the fields of neuropsychological assessment and neuroimaging have enormously expanded our knowledge about the profile and severity of cognitive deficits in patients with substance use disorders. Neuroscience studies have complemented this knowledge by revealing the neural adaptations induced […]

Relationship Patterns That May Reveal A Substance Abuse Issue

By Brenda Iliff   Last week, I wrote a blog about addiction and relationships with Heart Month and Valentine’s Day in mind. However, it somehow feels even more important to share after learning about the tragic death of Whitney Houston on Saturday. While it’s too soon to know the official cause of her death—Ms. Houston […]

With Depression, Helping Others May in Turn Help You

Random acts of kindness can snowball into more positive mood overall, experts say MONDAY, Jan. 2 (HealthDay News) — Doing something nice for someone else often leaves people feeling good about themselves and positive about their place in the world. But does that mean practicing random acts of kindness has scientifically proven therapeutic value in […]

What You Should Never Say: How to Avoid Self-sabotage

What You Should Never Say: How to Avoid Self-sabotage     Have you ever walked into a company-related social gathering and noticed right away that handsome, tall guy with a killer smile? An hour later you bump into him and start some small talk. While you’re mesmerized talking to him, you begin to get distracted […]

Does Midlife Feel Like “The Long Slide Home?” Here’s Why

By Douglas LaBier, Ph.D.   That’s how a man in his 50s described his life to me not long ago: “It’s my long slide home.”  He was feeling morose, anticipating the long holiday period from Thanksgiving through the New Year and what he knew it would arouse in him.  I often see the “holiday blues” […]

Activity: The Antidote to Depression

Activity: The Antidote to Depression Most individuals who suffer from depression believe, “Once I feel better, I’ll start calling friends again/making dinner plans/playing golf/planning a vacation/etc., but right now, I just don’t have the will.” Most of these people are not aware of the research, conducted in numerous Cognitive Behavior Therapy studies, that has consistently […]

Do Panic Attacks Really Come Out of the Blue?

Panic disorder (PD) can be a severe, highly disabling and debilitating psychiatric condition.  Thankfully, it is usually easily treatable with a combination of medication and a cognitive-behavioral technique known as cognitive restructuring, which I will not describe here.  Panic attacks are basically attacks of extreme anxiety accompanied by a variety of physical symptoms which I […]

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