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    My Worst Mania Bipolar Depression Cycle

    I want to show her now that one day she is going to be able to say “I am happy. Life is good.” I came back to visit the forums recently, and I saw all my old posts still here, the history of what was probably my worst  mania bipolar depression cycle ten years ago. It started in my teens and I was only correctly diagnosed then, at 47, while incorrect treatment had worsened my condition through the years. Two suicide attempts, countless medication trials and hospitalizations, two failed marriages and numerous years lost to being non-functional.  

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    Schizophrenia- A Story Meant to be Painted

      This is a story about my Schizophrenia meant to be painted. The years after college   my father passed away on Jan. 2, 2007, due to natural causes and then my sister died the very next day in a car accident on her way to the funeral. I cannot express the pain and anguish that came over me.I suppose all people who are affected by mental illness have that moment when “it” happens—the moment when their condition makes itself known. My moment happened when I was an undergraduate in college. It was in the form of voices, hallucinations and paranoid thoughts that one of my professors was trying to kill me.