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The challenge of mothering an adolescent daughter

Surviving (Your Child’s) Adolescence Welcome to the “hard half” of parenting: Here are some changes you can expect and some choices you should make. Consider some thoughts about mothers and teenage daughters.  Over the years in counseling, mother/adolescent daughter relationships have often been the most deeply conflicted and intense. Why? I think it is because […]

How mothering and fathering an adolescent can be different

Drawn from observations in counseling, this discussion is about tendencies, not certainties. Start with how male and female parenting can be different. Consider a biological distinction between mothers and fathers as a departure point for exploring some role differences between them. These differences can influence the contrasting focus of parenting they each provide.

Saving Relationship – Feminine Grace

Saving Relationship – Feminine Grace You know, throughout history men have fought wars for women, built extravagant palaces for them, and have even named cities after them. Now you may be tempted to say that these women have been fortunate enough to have been placed in a position of royalty or power, and that is […]

5 More Ways to Avoid Family Meltdowns on Thanksgiving (Part II)

By Guy Winch, Ph.D.Created Nov 10 2010 – 7:30am Thanksgiving can easily become soured if minor complaints escalate into major arguments. Last week we discussed setting-up several anti-complaining mechanisms before guests arrive. The following tips will help you minimize tensions on the big day itself, break up squabbles if they do occur and contribute to […]

5 Ways to Minimize Family Tensions This Thanksgiving: Part I

By Guy Winch, Ph.D. Created Nov 10 2010 – 7:30am Even the best planned Thanksgiving can become a disaster if heated arguments erupt between guests or family members. The best way to nip potential tensions in the bud is to prevent a build-up of complaining and negativity before one occurs. The following suggestions will help minimize […]

Avoiding Holiday Custody Tug of Wars

Avoiding Holiday Custody Tug of Wars 5 Tips to Ease Holiday Custody Battles Many divorced parents look forward to the holiday season as much as a trip to the dentist’s office for a root canal. That’s because child custody tug of wars during the holidays are as inevitable as your tax bill. The high-stakes, often […]

The Heart Of Love: Do We Have It Ass-Backwards?

 The Heart Of Love: Do We Have It Ass-Backwards? “When I feel more loving, then I’ll be more loving, but right now I simply don’t feel like being very loving.” This is one of the most destructive dysfunctional beliefs about love that has ever invaded the human psyche.  It has destroyed millions of healthy marriages.It […]

The real ‘mommy brain’: New mothers grew

  Motherhood may actually cause the brain to grow, not turn it into mush, as some have claimed. Exploratory research published by the American Psychological Association found that the brains of new mothers bulked up in areas linked to motivation and behavior, and that mothers who gushed the most about their babies showed the greatest […]

Falling in love ‘more scientific than you think

A new meta-analysis study, “The Neuroimaging of Love,” conducted by Syracuse University Professor Stephanie Ortigue, reveals that falling in love can elicit not only the same euphoric feeling as using cocaine, but also affects intellectual areas of the brain. Researchers also found falling in love only takes about a fifth of a second. Ortigue is […]

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