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Emotional Abuse in Committed Relationships: Effects on Children

By Steven Stosny Created Jan 28 2011 – 10:41am Families do not interact predominantly by language. That might surprise you, until you consider that humans bonded in extended families for millennia before we had language. Even today, the most sensitive communications that can have far-reaching consequences on our lives occur between parents and infants through […]

Baby Bliss?

Jan 28 2011   The baby and toddler phase is not necessarily the happiest time in life. Satisfaction with life and one's relationship can deteriorate for most new mothers. However, those who are satisfied with their relationship during pregnancy are most satisfied three years later. This comes from a recent study from the Norwegian Institute of [...]

The Thoroughly Modern Guide to Breakups

  How to end affairs with dignity and minimal distress. Julie Spira isn’t just any writer. She bills herself as an expert on Internet dating, and wrote a book called The Perils of Cyber-Dating. When, in 2005, she met The Doctor on an online dating site, Spira was positive she’d finally found The One. “He […]

Couples Sometimes Communicate No Better Than Strangers

Couples Sometimes Communicate No Better Than Strangers  Married people may think they communicate well with their partners, but psychologists have found that they don’t always convey messages to their loved ones as well as they think — and in some cases, the spouses communicate no better than strangers. The same communication problem also is true […]

New Baylor study explores how partners perceive each other’s emotion during a relationship fight

emotion during a relationship fight  Wednesday, January 12, 2011 – Some of the most intense emotions people feel occur during a conflict in a romantic relationship. Now, new research from Baylor University psychologists shows that how each person perceives the other partner’s emotion during a conflict greatly influences different types of thoughts, feelings and reactions in […]

Middle school is when the right friends may matter most

  As adolescents move from elementary school into their middle or junior-high years, changes in friendships may signal potential academic success or troubles down the road, say University of Oregon researchers. A new study, appearing in the February issue of the Journal of Early Adolescence, found that boys and girls whose friends are socially active […]

Babies may gain extra weight on standard formula

By Amy Norton NEW YORK | Tue Dec 28, 2010 | (Reuters Health) – All infant formulas may not be equal when it comes to babies’ weight gain over their first months of life, a new study finds. In a study that followed 56 formula-fed infants, researchers found that babies on hypoallergenic formula stayed close […]

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