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Bonding With Kids on Mother’s Day

  May has just begun and Mother’s Day is already this weekend! What a great  opportunity to “check in” with the kids in your life – whether you work with them or have them – and enjoy some creative play together. According to various studies, mothers’ time spent with children benefits youngsters in numerous ways–from […]

Baby boomers at crossroads

Aging baby boomers may be creating a growth industry even as they exit the workforce Who will be there to provide in-home care?  In-home senior care, which some say is a recession-proof industry, has been Frieda Winn’s profession for 30 years. “I enjoy it,” the certified nursing assistant from Vallejo said. “I enjoy meeting different […]

The Teen Brain: It’s Just Not Grown Up Yet

  by Richard Knox March 1, 2010 When adolescence hit Frances Jensen’s sons, she often found herself wondering, like all parents of teenagers, “What were you thinking?” “It’s a resounding mantra of parents and teachers,” says Jensen, who’s a pediatric neurologist at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Like when son number one, Andrew, turned 16, dyed […]

We Learn Socialization From Our Siblings As We Grow

A parent’s influence on a child’s development shouldn’t be underestimated, neither should a sibling’s   CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — What we learn from our siblings when we grow up has – for better or for worse – a considerable influence on our social and emotional development as adults, according to an expert in sibling, parent-child and […]

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