Holiday Stress – How to keep in control

If you’re withdrawing or micromanaging, there’s a strong chance you’re under stress this season.entertaining

Savoring the little moments — like decorating your house — is a great way to stay focused on what you love about the holiday season. Hero Images / Getty Images/Hero Images   As the classic Alfred Burt carol goes, “there’s many and many a thing to do,” this holiday season — and only so much time to fit everything in. Add quirky family dynamics and the pressure to make the holiday season the most wonderful time of the year, and you’re looking at an overstuffed cornucopia of holiday-induced anxiety.

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There are Ways to Stay Sane this Thanksgiving


Jonathan Alpert, Contributor
Licensed psychotherapist, executive coach, columnist, and author of “Be Fearless: Change Your Life in 28 Days”
11/20/2017 09:57 am ET  As we approach Thanksgiving, family dramas and conflicts that have been kept at bay will inevitably resurface and issues will be stirred up. This is the time of the year when we feel obligated to see people we wouldn’t normally choose to see the other 364 days of the year. As such, I get an influx of patients consulting me for stress directly related to the holiday. This stress can have a profound impact on one’s health, mental well-being, and ultimately their work performance. I’ve provided seven steps for safeguarding against Thanksgiving stress and family dramas.
Here’s how to keep your cool and enjoy the holiday:


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Ways To Help A Loved On Who’s Coping With Depression

depressionfamMore likely than not, someone you love—your significant other, BFF, or family member—is dealing with depression or anxiety. Nearly 50 percent of American adults will develop at least one mental illness during their lifetime, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And because of the widespread stigma surrounding mental illness, many people hesitate to ask for help. So if a loved one reveals that they are suffering—or if you think they are—your compassion can help them through the recovery process.


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When depressed gay men turn to each other for help

When depressed or suicidal

be a good wingman:

Having a friend ask if you’re OK can make the world of difference

When depressed, gay men turn to each other for help

Gay men are most likely to reach out to other gay men when they’re depressed or anxious and new resource will make it easier for men to support their friends.

LGBTI are more likely to experience depression and anxiety than the broader population. They are also at a greater risk of suicide and self-harm.

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Hurting at the Holidays? 7 Common-sense Strategies

Coping with your less-than-ideal family during the season of thanks and joy


It’s not even Thanksgiving, but Christmas is everywhere in New York City, as it has been since the day after Halloween.  I no longer dread the holidays the way I once did but the idealized image —of that big, happy, smiling family—still eludes me, as it did during my childhood and later.  For unloved daughters and sons, the stress of the holidays sweeps in much more than the nuisance of crowded stores, piped-in joys, worries about money or pleasing everyone with the right gift.

For many, it will conjure up—almost as if fresh and new—the pain, exclusion, and loss they felt in their families of origin. For women who continue to interact with their unloving mothers—for whatever reason—the holidays can throw all the stresses and pains of past and present into high relief. For those who have made the difficult and painful decision of going “no contact,” the holidays sometimes evoke a renewed sense of self-doubt about the decision made, along with a feeling of isolation.  The weight of cultural disapproval may feel heavier at this time of year.


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