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Depression — What It Is & How To Recognize It

Feeling depressed and having depression Photographed by Ben Lamberty. Despite lots of advancements in the psychology world, many aspects of depression remain mysterious, to mental health professionals and their patients alike. The video below, one of the latest from TEDEd, suggests that this is due to the condition’s intangibility — depression isn’t a cold or […]

‘I want this to be joyous’: Edinburgh fringe’s startling shows about depression

    In cabaret shows and musicals such as My Beautiful Black Dog, performers at the fringe are breaking the taboo of mental health         ‘People don’t want to talk about this stuff’ … Brigitte Aphrodite’s My Beautiful Black Dog. Photograph: Olivier Richomme Hannah Ellis-Petersen   Sunday 9 August 2015 09.34 EDTLast modified […]

Which Comes First: Depression or Weight Gain?

Don't address your weight before your mental health By Yoni Freedhoff May 29, 2013 | 11:46 p.m. EDT+ More For many people, weight is depressing. Whether consequent to society's hateful weight biases, which expose individuals with obesity to mood-killing bullying, scorn and discrimination, or to personally held beliefs and attitudes, there's little doubt that weight […]

Increasing Alcohol Taxes Could Help Reduce Binge Drinking

Increasing Alcohol Taxes Could Help Reduce Binge Drinking, Study Suggests       Share Raising alcohol taxes may help reduce the binge drinking rate, according to researchers at Boston University. They found a one percent increase in alcohol prices due to taxes was associated with a 1.4 percent decrease in binge drinking. The more alcohol […]

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