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    My Worst Mania Bipolar Depression Cycle

    I want to show her now that one day she is going to be able to say “I am happy. Life is good.” I came back to visit the forums recently, and I saw all my old posts still here, the history of what was probably my worst  mania bipolar depression cycle ten years ago. It started in my teens and I was only correctly diagnosed then, at 47, while incorrect treatment had worsened my condition through the years. Two suicide attempts, countless medication trials and hospitalizations, two failed marriages and numerous years lost to being non-functional.  

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    You Really Can Be High-Functioning With A Severe Mental Illness

    We are all around you. We are the walking wounded, the invisibly battle-scarred. You see us every day — in the grocery store, at carpool, at school pickup and dropoff, at PTA meetings, at the gym and at work and at the playground. You probably don’t know that we have a severe mental illness. We don’t plaster in on our foreheads, or go around announcing it. But it’s there. It’s always there. And even as we smile, even as we make small talk, even as we nod along with you; as we raise our kids and do our jobs and have our fun, it’s always there. Always looming. Always dominating everything.…