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    Stress in America survey exposes gaps in health care system

    When it comes to stress management and wellness, there is a gap between what Americans want from their health care system and what they actually get, according to a new survey released last week by the American Psychological Association.         By Public Relations staff Feb. 14, 2013 — Psychological Association (APA).Findings from Stress in America™: Missing the Health Care Connection, which was conducted online by Harris Interactive among 2,020 U.S. adults in August 2012, suggest that people are not receiving what they need from their health care providers to manage stress and address lifestyle and behavior changes to improve their health.

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    Depression harms mind and body

            There is great emphasis on how to get into shape for both mind and body.     By  Nancy Hastings HILLSDALE — Feb. 11, 2013 11:19 am While some believe health solely depends on the way you treat your body, taking care of your mind plays a big part, too. Experts say when you’re depressed, your mind and body suffer. Depression can cause or worsen chronic illnesses, such as heart disease. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about 19 million people in the United States – one in 10 adults – experience depression each year, and nearly two-thirds do not get the help they need. Treatment…

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    Clara Hughes: ‘I want to erase the stigma’ of mental health issues

    Months after retiring from professional sports, Olympic medallist Clara Hughes talks about her brush with depression and the Bell Let's Talk campaign.     Clara Hughes: ‘I want to erase the stigma’ of mental health issues Months after retiring from professional sports, Olympic medallist Clara Hughes talks about her brush with depression and the Bell Let's Talk campaign. Ex-Olympian Clara Hughes says engaging youth on mental health is key to removing stigma. By: Niamh Scallan News reporter, Published on Tue Feb 12 2013 “Sport that consumed me for over two decades . . . is now gone. Now it’s just me. No pressure, no expectations, no need to be fast,…

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    An epic fail when it comes to mental health

    Sometimes the health care system just does not work.     Peter Elias, MD | Physician | February 11, 2013   I had seen him one week earlier on a Friday afternoon, accompanied by his estranged wife. They were there because of concern about increased depression. He told me that he had stopped taking his lithium and paroxetine (Paxil) several months earlier because he felt they weren’t working. He also readily admitted to having returned to the habit of drinking one or two six-packs daily and more on weekends several months before the medications stopped working. As the story evolved, I learned that he had stopped going to work and…

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    NBA Player Royce White: Mental Health Revolutionary

    Why Royce White Might be the Most Important Athlete Since Muhammad Ali   Royce White slams it down for Iowa State. (Flickr/Reese Strickland) Dave Zirin  February 13, 2013- This week, the most famous NBA player yet to play in the NBA finally took the court. Royce White, rookie forward for the Houston Rockets, suited up for their D-League team, the esteemed Rio Grande Valley Vipers. In eighteen minutes, he had seven points, eight rebounds and four assists.   But the bigger story was that White played at all. For months, the 21-year-old has been sitting out the season in protest: a rebel with a cause. White has been battling the…

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    Train your brain and improve your life

        Brain scans of meditating people show different patterns of activity depending on the practitioner's level of experience and meditation type. By Wynne Parry, LiveScience Mon, Feb 11 2013 at 12:50 PM   Photo: mrhayata/Flickr NEW YORK — Throughout life, even shortly before death, the brain can remodel itself, responding to a person's experiences. This phenomenon, known as neuroplasticity, offers a powerful tool to improve well-being, experts say.   "We now have evidence that engaging in pure mental training can induce changes not just in the function of the brain, but in the brain's structure itself," Richard Davidson, a neuroscientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, told an audience at…

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    Anxiety, will never again get the best of me!

    Richard Lucas was diagnosed with panic disorder, a type of anxiety disorder, about five years ago. He now lives in Virginia and manages his condition with drugs and therapy. He first shared his story on CNN iReport.     Richard Lucas used to be a SCUBA instructor, but had to stop because of his panic attacks. He plans to return to diving By Richard Lucas, Special to CNN updated 9:03 AM EST, Mon February 11, 2013 STORY HIGHLIGHTS Richard Lucas was a healthy 25-year-old when he was diagnosed with panic disorder Lucas shares thoughts on how he and his loved ones deal with his condition "I will not allow anxiety…

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    Researchers Uncover Key to Antidepressant Response

    Released: 2/4/2013 2:00 PM EST Source Newsroom: Johns Hopkins Medicine   — Discovery shows how therapies activate stem cells in the brain Newswise — Through a series of investigations in mice and humans, Johns Hopkins researchers have identified a protein that appears to be the target of both antidepressant drugs and electroconvulsive therapy. Results of their experiments explain how these therapies likely work to relieve depression by stimulating stem cells in the brain to grow and mature. In addition, the researchers say, these experiments raise the possibility of predicting individual people’s response to depression therapy, and fine-tuning treatment accordingly. Reports on separate aspects of the research were published in December…

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    The 50 Best Quotes on Self-Love

    The biggest struggle in life is the struggle to know, embrace, and accept ourselves, with all of our faults and imperfections. Love and appreciate yourself – you're all you have By Melanie A. Greenberg, Ph.D. Created Oct 1 2012 – 5:54pm Many of us were raised  by parents who were themselves victims – who were not taught to see their own worth, or who were not really seen by their own parents. Our grandparents generation faced massive trauma and upheaval due to the Second World War and the Great Depression. The focus was on survival and minimizing the damage, rather than on love, appreciation and intimacy. Individuals and families today…

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    Healing the Cycles that Tear Couples Apart

    By Melanie A. Greenberg, Ph.D. Created Nov 13 2012 – 7:39pm   Respect and intimacy are the foundation on which loving relationships are built.  Without such safety and connection, there can be no trust; without trust, we lose the ability to be playful, spontaneous, and joyful  The following are common issues in relationships that, if unaddressed, can kill love and happiness. For each relationship-ruining issue below, I explain what it is, why it is a problem, why we do it, and what we can do instead to heal and repair this issue. When people have the courage to look at these patterns, admit their own contribution, and are willing to change…