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New theory links depression to chronic brain inflammation

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 Chronic depression is an adaptive, reparative neurobiological process gone wrong, say two University of California, San Diego School of Medicine researchers, positing in a new theory that the debilitating mental state originates from more ancient mechanisms used by the body to deal with physical injury, such as pain, tissue repair and […]

Authoritarian behavior leads to insecure people

 Thursday, October 21, 2010  Researchers from the University of Valencia (UV) have identified the effects of the way parents bring up their children on social structure in Spain. Their conclusions show that punishment, deprivation and strict rules impact on a family’s self esteem. “The objective was to analyse which style of parental socialisation is ideal […]

Are All Drugs Created Equal? Brand-Name vs. Generic Medications

Brand-Name vs. Generic Medications Are low-priced generic medications as safe and effective as their brand-name counterparts? It largely depends upon whom you ask, comparative studies, biases, and personal experience. All four of these issues figure prominently into determining the answer to this question. Here’s more detail. Whom you ask: On one hand, brand-name drug manufacturers […]

Why are some people so affected by stress?

Why are some people so affected by stress?YELLOW PEOPLE AND BLUE PEOPLE Summary:  Is depression a moral weakness?  Certainly people who have never been depressed can easily make moral judgements about people with symptoms, thinking or saying things like “she just needs to get herself up and get going”.  And people with symptoms, whose very […] was Named one of the Top 50 Web Forums for Counseling, Advice and Support was Named one of the Top 50 Web Forums for Counseling, Advice and Support The African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” can also pertain to communities that support individuals in the middle of divorce, parenting issues, relationship problems, depression and crisis. That’s what these top 50 Web forums are all […]

High Rate of Restless Legs Syndrome Found in Adults With Fibromyalgia

A study in the Oct. 15 issue of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that adults with fibromyalgia had a much higher prevalence and risk of restless legs syndrome than healthy controls. The study suggests that treating RLS may improve sleep and quality of life in people with fibromyalgia.

Mount Sinai researchers discover why cocaine is so addictive

Mount Sinai researchers have discovered how cocaine corrupts the brain and becomes addictive. These findings—the first to connect activation of specific neurons to alterations in cocaine reward—were published in Science on October 15. The results may help researchers in developing new ways of treating those addicted to the drug. Led by Mary Kay Lobo, PhD, […]

Research studies why some brand names are music to our ears

are music to our ears If you’re having a bad day, you may want to stay away from listening to commercials for Lululemon or Coca Cola. Or from any retailer or merchandise whose name bears a similarly repetitive phonetic sound. University of Alberta marketing professor Jennifer Argo recently published a study in the Journal of Marketing […]

Why are men more susceptible to alcoholism?

Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances, and men are up to twice as likely to develop alcoholism as women. Until now, the underlying biology contributing to this difference in vulnerability has remained unclear. A new study published in Biological Psychiatry reveals that dopamine may be an important factor.

Hope for teens with anorexia

Five years ago, my husband and I sat in our pediatrician’s office and asked, “What’s next?” Our 14-year-old daughter had just been diagnosed with anorexia, and we were terrified. We learned some difficult truths that day: There was no proven, effective treatment for anorexia. And the treatment and recovery statistics were beyond dismal: 20 percent […]

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