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      Depression Forums Are Back Online!   02/09/2016

      Hello Members! Please understand that this upgrade was huge and is a process that will be ongoing for a tad longer. Somethings may not seem 'right' or look a bit 'strange' at the moment, such as your profile page or "Quotes" etc.. Some things may not work as expected... for the time being, but please appreciate that we have to prioritize function over appearance. Eventually DF will all come together and be wonderful! It will be as if nothing had ever changed... As an afterthought...DF will be ACCESSIBLE ANYTIME/ANYWHERE
      Whether you’re on your smartphone, tablet or computer, access to Depressionforums.org/forums is right at your fingertips with our new upgrade. The
      refreshing, dynamic look translates across all platforms and devices.
      Come join up, become a member if not already! It’s free to post to your peers about anything that is troubling you.  We are certain there is a Forum for that. Tomorrow we will have a Forum set up for members to answer any questions that you may have about the upgrade. We really appreciate all of your feedback! Your Forum Administrators
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GLBT Forum Rules

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In order to to provide a positive experience for all our members, your cooperation in following these guidelines is appreciated:

* Use discretion in your language and explicitness. We have members of all ages and persuasions visiting here, and we want all our visitors to feel comfortable. These forums are PG-rated. Posts that are potentially offensive or triggering will be edited or deleted and you will receive a warning. Please review the forum rules and Terms of Service (TOS).

* Before starting a new topic, browse through to see if it is already addressed in a previous thread. If so, post there; your post will bump the topic to the top, where it will receive renewed attention.

* Please remember that the purpose of this forum to support the GLBT community, to be a safe place to discuss issues that affect this community's mental health and well-being. Criticism, hostility, or debate will not be tolerated here, or anywhere else on DF.

We look forward to a positive experience of shared support, understanding, and knowledge.

Thank you,

The DF Admin Team

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