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GLBT Forum Rules

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In order to to provide a positive experience for all our members, your cooperation in following these guidelines is appreciated:

* Use discretion in your language and explicitness. We have members of all ages and persuasions visiting here, and we want all our visitors to feel comfortable. These forums are PG-rated. Posts that are potentially offensive or triggering will be edited or deleted and you will receive a warning. Please review the forum rules and Terms of Service (TOS).

* Before starting a new topic, browse through to see if it is already addressed in a previous thread. If so, post there; your post will bump the topic to the top, where it will receive renewed attention.

* Please remember that the purpose of this forum to support the GLBT community, to be a safe place to discuss issues that affect this community's mental health and well-being. Criticism, hostility, or debate will not be tolerated here, or anywhere else on DF.

We look forward to a positive experience of shared support, understanding, and knowledge.

Thank you,

The DF Admin Team

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