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Effexor Dosage, Norepinephrine, And Increased Energy

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Hi, I was on effexor 12 years ago and am considering starting it again. The only AD meds I have tried besides effexor are Lexapro and Celexa, which I tried in the last year. With both I had a slight response at 3 weeks but it didn't improve and I gave up on both at the 6 week point knowing that I could probably do better with something else. With Celexa and Lexapro I did feel a bit better but felt a bit dopey and unmotivated also, even after a month when most of the other undesirable sides had minimised or stopped. With effexor I had a way better mood increase (5-10x better) and also had a huge increase in motivation, and I had this great response on a low 37.5mg dose. It was later increased to 75 but I think 37.5 gave me just as good of a response.

My question relates to the increased energy I got from effexor. I keep hearing that norepinephrine is related to increased energy and improved focus, but I was nowhere near the dose where effexor is supposed to work effectively on norepinephrine. (150-225mg) Also I have heard that prozac is an energizing AD, but as far as I know prozac is just works on serotonin? Do some SSRIs work on Energy/Focus more than others?

Also I have never been diagnosed with ADHD/PI but I had every symptom badly as a child/teen (Never got past grade 9) and they continue to a lesser degree to this day (I am 42yo male). Perhaps because I am ADHD I responded to the norepinephrine effects of effexor at what is though to be too low of a dose?

Effexor did give me the brain zapps when I stopped. It was not unbearable but I would like to find something else that works if I could. Was thinking welbutrin or maybe prozac?

thanks in advace if anyone has any ideas or insights

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