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Name Brand Wellbutrin Sr Vs Sandoz Vs Mylan

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#1 Mamato3


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Posted 28 March 2011 - 11:08 PM


I'm brand new to the forum, but have been reading posts for a while. I noticed that a common topic is name-brand vs generics. Since I just had the opportunity to compare name brand and two generics, I thought I'd share my experience and possibly help others who don't know which generic to try.

I started taking generic Sandoz bupropion SR 300mg (150mg 2x day) in December of 2010. It worked well, I had some minor side effects right at the beginning that went away within a few days. I liked it a lot, it helped me a great deal. My insurance then changed and I had to get my scripts filled at Walgreen's instead of Costco. I was quite worried because I'd read here of all of the different experiences with generics. I asked for the Sandoz generic and Walgreen's only had Mylan or Watson generic. I picked Mylan (randomly, didn't know enough about either one). I only took it for one day (two doses), but did not like it. It seemed to "hit" much harder. I felt anxious and restless with a lot of 'speedy' energy - not in a good way (though I did manage to crank out a 45-minute workout, so that helped!). It also upset my stomach a bit but I took it on an empty stomach, so that could have caused that and the harsher "hit." But I panicked and called Walgreen's and my doc and said I couldn't use it and needed something else. Walgreen's mentioned they had name-brand, I called my insurance and for a slightly higher co-pay ($45 per 1-month supply vs. $20 for the generic) I could get name brand.

So I asked for name brand. They couldn't fill it til the next day so I had to take another dose of the Mylan, and by the end of the day I was actually feeling okay. I think I judged it too quickly and may have been fine on it - it may have been just the change in brands that caused the more rush-y feeling. But I was in the process of getting name brand.

Switching to the name brand I still had a couple of wobbly days...felt a bit more shaky and bp felt low, and the effect seemed less strong than on the generic Sandoz. I've been on the name brand for about a week now, and to me it feels the same if not a bit "tamer" than the generic (Sandoz). So here's my take on the three:

Sandoz - great, worked like a charm, I'll probably go back to this when my script runs out bc it's cheaper and I don't notice any difference from name brand (actually felt the effects a bit more with this)
Mylan - probably didn't give it enough time, but found that the med "hit" harder with an unpleasant speedy rush that calmed down toward the end of the day - this might be able to be remedied by timing of dosage or taking it with food
name brand Wellbutrin - great too, works like the Sandoz, I don't notice an improved effect with this...it's fine, just not magically better than the first generic I took.

So that's it...I just thought it might be helpful to have my take on the differences (for me) of the three....I wish I'd had more to go by when choosing a generic, and you definitely do not want to be doing just fine and then have to deal with a rough transition to another brand. I think it sucks that if the name-brand works for you that you can't get it unless you pay an arm and a leg for it...but maybe try Sandoz, it worked great for me.


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Posted 29 March 2011 - 05:41 PM

Welcome to DF< Mamato3,
Thank you for sharing the info with us. I've taken all three plus the Watson generic. Most pharmacies will order from different pharmaceutical companies, so often times you will get different ones and not a specific label everytime. Sad but true as I've been through it many times with this and other meds. Sometimes there were a difference in the change, but it only lasted a few days. We're all different with the way we handle meds and manufaturer changes.
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Posted 29 March 2011 - 06:04 PM

:welcomeani: Welcome to DF Mamato3,

We are glad to join our community and look forward to hearing more from you. Thank you for sharing such good information. I think it will benefit many who take generics after taking brands. I take both brand and generics because I'm on 5 meds and my generics work for me. At one time I did worry but feel comfortable now.

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Posted 14 July 2014 - 11:05 PM

I Started off with Mylan 300 mg-200 in the morning, 1 at night. I instantly felt better, literally like 15 minutes after taking my first dose. Felt very energetic and didn't want to smoke anymore. Noticed I was a less agitated and didn't get irritated over small things like I use to. When it was time to fill my prescription, I got Sandoz and after the first dose, I didn't feel awesome. A day or so later, I started getting agitated, headaches, memory loss, lethargic, couldn't focus, felt depressed. I called around to all the pharmacies around to see if I could get Mylan again, but no one had it. Decided to try Watson. Today is my first day taking a dose and I am feeling better already. I think it all depends on your individual chemical makeup. I did read, though, that Teva is the worst one. Helps for some, but in others, it makes them more depressed. I also read that the Watson brand releases into the body similarly to the brand Wellbutrin. 




Mylan: Worked well for me. Energy, no smoking urges, less irritable and feeling of overall well being.


Sandoz: Headache, lethargic, very foggy brain, forgetful, irritable


Watson: So far so good. Feeling normal again even after only my first dose. Hope it continues to help. 


I hope I  helped someone with this post

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