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Chasing The Cyber-Bully

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Posted 12 February 2011 - 10:18 PM

Chasing The Cyber-Bully

Thursday, September 29, 2011 The tragic death of Jamey Rodemeyer in Buffalo has sent shivers across the state including Long Island. The 14-year-old boy took his own life this month after enduring years of bullying because he was gay. The suicide occurred just 11 days after Jamey posted a video online in which he told other victims of bullying, "I promise you it will get better."

That video is now on YouTube and has been viewed by more than a million people. It serves as a chilling reminder that bullying is a real problem that can have devastating effects.

Throughout Nassau County school administrations and teachers are searching for ways to deal effectively with bullying. For years local schools have had policies that deal with traditional bullying. Physical and verbal abuse on the school grounds is not tolerated and can lead to the bully being suspended or expelled.

But a new form of bullying called "cyber-bullying" often goes unnoticed by school officials and is much more difficult to deal with. In the age of social networking the cyber-bully can easily hide. The cyber-bully, male or female, can use Facebook or Twitter to destroy a person's reputation. For the victim it can be far more devastating than getting beaten up or mocked in the lunchroom.

To its credit the Great Neck Board of Education is updating its anti-bullying policy to include cyber-bullying and sexting. Sexting is defined as "the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones." Within hours a sexting photograph or message can be forwarded to hundreds of people.

The new policy "formalizes what has always been our philosophy: that we do not tolerate these behaviors," said Great Neck Board of Education Vice President Fran Langsner.

The district's policy will ban "any written, verbal, or electronic communication or physical act which actually or perceives to intimidate, threaten, or harm another." The policy even bans this behavior if it takes place "off-campus" if the victim is a student.

There may be legal problems in extending the school policy to activities that take place off-campus. It is also difficult without an expensive investigation to determine where the cyber-bulling originates. The cyber-bullies enjoy anonymity.

The challenge for all schools is to identify the victims of bullying, whether it's traditional or cyber, and keep them from becoming the next Jamey Rodemeyer. At the same time the schools also need to reach out to the bullies. The bullies need to understand the pain that victims experience and the reasons why they engage in this behavior. They must also understand that getting caught bullying someone can have serious consequences.

This is a battle that will not be easily one, but the Great Neck schools are moving in the right direction.

A Blank Slate Media Editorial

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Posted 01 August 2011 - 03:02 PM

Another helpful resource is BeyondBullies.org. Every Wednesday night, there are free, confidential, online chat sessions with trained teens who can help other teens deal with bullying and cyberbullying. The website also offers tips and advice for victims of bullying as well.

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Posted 29 August 2011 - 08:41 PM

Since an internet is become so important in every life's but still lacking of monitoring from watchdogs. I am not surprised why these users are tended to get negatives reception because they're too vast and hardly to managed to ceased this bad operation and many strangers out there definitely taken advantages to exploit and intention to wounded up as much as they're pleased because is easily become intangible or anonymous to everyone once finish his/her desire . I am also victim of cyber bullying dates back its to several years ago when i was on gaming, Some stupid cohorts purposely tags or joins to assault on me while i am in the game. Even thought does it look alike is not much greater impacts but if continuously happened in every time once i am entering i am become suspicious why i am become prime targeting while i am not done any wrongs to others soon i' had have found out that some of my credentials store in cyber like an example facebook is eventually leaked by someone who had began to crack an encryption password so bad things become worst "because i am kept using same and easy password , am i smart enough?"...but luckily i am knew who done that even thought i cant tell who did this to me but i can tell a lot of associates who started to laugh at me is the prime fugitives. But i shall not takes any actions to them because an internet is free in anything since there's no laws enforce to protect who is become a victim.

For what i am get experienced from that...internet is relative interesting but have to pay attention how to avoid get involved by smart and bad users...as do we knows there bunch of smart users in cyber is ready to play a game with us...

i am not just get disturbed but also verbally abused as well, they're good in created many methods ensure me "victim" must be feel vexed and sob while i am actives...

practices safety is priorities because an information is really sensitives and importance to hold tightly just to "intercept" someone trying to made you feels ashamed or embarrassment just like me where pics are posted in facebook, they're so clever to use any phrase such as racist, harassing as well as attempt to blown in over me in real life.

It's feel how uneasy and how remorseful but i m begin to understand that this is also part of my plan.

i do hope this info can assist those who wanted to stay alert and be prepared to faces bad pest in cyber

Enjoy cyber - ing and be careful to making friends

PS..if cyber implemented a law there's will be good all of us unless very stringent rules to punish those who users is done terrible actions to other users.

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No hobby no interest no ambition and no friends...why? Because my life and my very own purpose is destroyed and disgusting the way how to alter my own principle of life by creating vary calamities...intently to hurt me, blame me, accuse me, shame on me, betray on me and cheat on me and everything what i am seeking for happiness definitely return to nothing...

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