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Female/male Psychiatrist?

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Posted 24 January 2011 - 11:39 AM

Hi im curious coz im seeing a new psychiatrist soon. My psychologist and I had talked and I revealed that i have casual sex and she said I was not respecting myself. I know casual sex creates a feeling of being cheap and dirty but I dont know why my psychologist told me i should have self-respect and I felt awful for many weeks. I am being judged by my psychologist and she always told me I avoid eye contact with her.

Should I change to a male psychiatrist?I told a male doc abt my problems and he was very concerned and referred me to the hospital.I couldnt choose a male or female psychiatrist coz it was fixed by the hospital so if I want to change to a male doctor, I might go to a private clinic.


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Posted 24 January 2011 - 12:14 PM

Hello, read your post, I dont particular care for your psychologists response. Lots of people have casual sex and it doesnt mean that you dont respect yourself in any way shape or form. That comment was totally out of line and frankly she sounds like a *prude*. I do think that its better for a person to have a psychologist of their own sex as in my opinion (remember this is my opinion only) a male relates to a male better and a female to a female.
Others may come on and disagree with me, but I would definately say to see a different psychologist. Casual sex is nothing to be ashamed about, millions are doing it everyday, its part of life and one is not expected to be a virgin when married anymore, those are old school thoughts. Perhaps you are avoiding eye contact with her, I dont think you relate to her at all and this is symptomatic that you arent being totally open with her also. I think you picked up early that this is not a person you can open up to (that little inner voice) and I think you would open up with a male more!
Good Luck to you, dont beat yourself up over this, its really a non-issue in the scheme of things, seek out a male psychologist and I think you will feel alot more comfortable and a therapist should make you feel *good* about yourself, not ashamed. The fact that you felt awful for many weeks is proof of this also.
Good Luck, shame is not all female psychologist are as judgemental as this one, but I think the harm has been done and its best you seek out a male psychologist to have a better relationship with.
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