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Depakine (sodium Valproate)

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I have just come back from my Pdoc session and he has finally given me what i thought would help my newly diagnosed bipolar II disorder.

as well as the Serequel i am also taking a proper mood stabilzer (Depakine)! as been added he thinks this is a good mood stabilzer along with

serequel. i told him no lithium and if there was another option. I am currently on starting, tonight 500mg of Depakine and 100mg of serequel

which has been upped from 50mg, all this will be taken at bedtime, after 3 days on 500mg i will increase the Depakine teice a day morning and

evening, and most likely increasing serequel to a max dose of 300mg in the next couple of weeks. The only problem is that i had my last dose of effexor

in the morning which is finished for good now and i am also tapering down of klonopin, I think if i can taper the klonopin to 0 and not have bad withdrawl

from effexor xr i will then start to see how this combo of serequel and Depakine goes.

I would like to know if anyone is on this combo for bipolar or has tried it and had any experiences with it?

anyway wish me luck. :hearts:

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