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Daily Adderall?

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#1 imrj


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Posted 12 October 2008 - 09:35 AM

are we suppose to take one day off from daily adderall?? I am on 20mg generic a day, i heard some people dont take it on sunday or one day a week to get a break from it, but I feel useless if I dont take it, even get anxious because cant get anything accomplished....


#2 Teresaa


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Posted 12 October 2008 - 03:23 PM

are we suppose to take one day off from daily adderall?? I am on 20mg generic a day, i heard some people dont take it on sunday or one day a week to get a break from it, but I feel useless if I dont take it, even get anxious because cant get anything accomplished....

I don't take my adderall everyday, but I am supposed to. Some doctors may recommend a vacation but the research in children actually shows a decrease in postive behaviors on Monday. The drug is short acting so it "should" be out of your system between 4 and 6 hours. Thus, you should be taking 20 mg of generic adderall twice a day. That is what I am perscribed. I don't take my afternoon dose becasue adderall affects me longer. BUT it is not supposed to. We are all different and it is a trial and error drug. Therefore I take do alittle expirementing myself on what works best for me. I was perscribed adderall becasue I admitted to trying it before I was tested for ADD and it worked. I don't do anything crazy, I have never even taken a whole 20 mg pill at once, like I am supposed it. I like 10 mg. I don't like it on days I am sitting on the couch so I don't take it everyday. I am also a drug addict so i like to take breaks to see if I have any withdrawls (been on adderall for 6 years). Even when I took it everday for 3 months I never had any withdrawl symptoms, I was just lazy and unmotivated. I also don't take it when I go to mexico for 10 days each year. Again, I want to feel lazy and unmotivated. That is my real drug vacation.

Really the research behind it says that short adderall vacations are not useful and actually make it not work as well the next day. I guess even though it is short acting it does have some sort of long term effect. Like how easy of a time I have getting out of bed the next moring after taking adderall compared to not. The reason many docs do it is because of the stigmatism/fears behind stimulants.

Moveover, the research is clear that ADHD affects all parts of a persons life. By not taking your meds to do your house/life work you are saying that your ADHD does not affect your proformance in these areas. That is simply not true, and you are making your life much harder by not taking your meds to do these things. I always take adderall on days I want to clean. I am good at it. Yes obsessive, but if I don't I am doing 15 tasks at onces instead I am only doing 5. I can handle 5 activities at a time. Maybe if I took 20 mgs I could clean one thing at a time. :flowers: But with 10 mg my apartment is perfectly cleaned, so I don't need 20.

If you have anymore questions ask. I wrote one of my undergrad theses on ADD/stimulants/adertising and have written many grad school papers on ADHD. I have 2 file folder boxes full of research articles on ADHD. Personally I think adderall is the best drug ever! It makes my life so much easier, I don't know how I lived without it. I didn't sit down and read until I was 21. I got through college referenceing text books. I was good at finding things in the book. After 5 years I could finally read without adderall. But with it I gud at reeding! :hearts:

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#3 Always Trying

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Posted 13 October 2008 - 02:34 AM

Hi Imrj,

Good question here and I have to give you my thoughts. I take 80 mgs of Adderall daily and have for years. My dose is very high so please do not draw any conclusions to that. My answer on this is to definately NOT take a day off. In my opinion, you are screwing with your body to a degree that it makes things worse. Also, you need to find out exactly what type of Adderall you are on. There are 2 kinds. Adderall XR is the long acting one, this one can be effective for up to 8 hours or so. Then there is the simple Adderall, that is the short acting. This is the one that you may want to take a second dose of later in the day, even another 20 mgs in the afternoon. (But that is up to your doctor.) Now that I think of it, you said you were on the generic, that is most likely the short acting one. (Fine.)

The biggest point I have to make is that when someone takes a break from a med, no matter how long or short it is, they are putting themselves on a roller coaster. Imagine a graph of sorts. Between the rows of 40 to 60 are the prime zone, the best place you want to be. You should maybe shoot for 50, but tah, so what? Anyway, everyday when you wake up, you are below that bottom line. You are between 20 and 30 maybe. And this is because you take it every day so it isn't super hard to get you back up into the desired area. You take your med, (never mind for now which type) and that brings you up to maybe 50. That's pretty good. Maybe it can be better but it certainly can be worse. So you continue to take the same dose day after day after day. Eventually, the consistency of this is allowing your daily row to be consistent, the ups and downs aren't happening. If you all of a sudden got greedy, feeling so thrilled with the effects, that you take a higher dose, you would throw yourself up over that 60th row, and that is just as bad as being below the 40. But then tomorrow comes, you are feeling smug in your success, then you get that all too familiar stupid thought of, 'I don't need this, I'm fine!' So you don't take it. So now your body bottoms out down far enough that you notice your not feeling so hot. You have successfully screwed up your groove. No wonder you feel like crap. Then the next day when you do take it again, you don't get the full benefit of the med as it is working harder to get back up to the level it knows it should be at. If you consistently take it, then you are allowing your body to be on track, fluidly, consistently and have no ups and downs. Otherwise, you are defeating the whole point of taking it. Picture that graph with the med line swinging up and down, and that is exactly what you are doing to yourself.
So knock it off okay?
Best of luck to you,
Always Trying

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