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Full Moon

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#1 tim


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Posted 05 July 2007 - 07:44 PM

Am I superstitious, or do other people have experience of feeling depressed / anxious at the time of the full moon?

To be honest, I didn't notice how bad I felt around the time of the full moon until a friend pointed it out to me. She's not particularly superstitious, but she suffers from depression herself, can recognise when I'm depressed and don't tell her - even when I'm disguising it very well. Towards the end of a month, I don't live my life in a state of high alert, conscious that the full moon is coming and I'm going to feel crap again. Sometimes it can just happen. I'll feel depressed, I'll go outside for a cig; there's a break in the clouds, and I'll notice it's a full moon.

I wouldn't have mentioned it, but the last few days it's affected me worse than on previous occasions. My mood is lifting steadily - but my very quick decline into the worst anxiety I've felt in a long time makes me unable to believe it's totally psychological.


#2 Beanchop99


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Posted 05 July 2007 - 08:17 PM


I can't say that I am affected by a full moon, but studies have proven that the moon does have the capabilities to affect us, our moods, our behavior.


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#3 kstours


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Posted 06 July 2007 - 12:59 AM

Hi, Tim. I've read that emergency rooms get surges of people in during the full moon, but am not sure if that's true or not. I do often notice that the people I know seem to have more conflicts and are more irritable when the moon is full. It's happened often enough that I've noticed it as a trend. I live in the high desert so most nights here are clear and the moon shines in my bedroom, so I usually know what stage it's at.
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#4 TwilightZephyr


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Posted 06 July 2007 - 03:37 AM

I actually notice a lifting of my mood around the full moon....but I do tend to get agitated more easily as well.

#5 krush


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Posted 06 July 2007 - 07:32 AM

whenever i see a full moon, i always stop and take note how i feel. i wonder to myself: have i been edgy? more moody? but i never really noticed a change. (maybe because i'm ALWAYS edgy and moody) :hearts:

i've heard about police departments keeping track of when it happens. since they say that crime increases during full moons.

#6 terrifictuesdays47


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Posted 06 July 2007 - 08:18 AM

I live in HI and love the full moon. The ocean is so pretty during that time and I'll take the dog out there, sometimes seeing it rise. It's so awesome. Never thought of it as an effect before, but I always look forward to it. There's even this trail up this hill you can hike without a flashlight at night because the moon is so bright. Very cool.

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