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  1. Blitzkrieg Bop~Ramones
  2. 8
  3. Here Comes The Sun~The Beatles
  4. My Mom took me and my nieces and nephew to the movies.We took them to see Storks which was a really cute movie.We then walked around the mall.My Mom bought the kids some new stuff for church tomorrow.Then we came home and I made the kids something to eat.Now I`m just here on the DF browsing and posting.
  5. Silver Linings Playbook.I thought it was pretty good.I had to laugh at the part where they were discussing the different meds that they had been on.I laughed because I have been put on every one of those meds (except for one) they were talking about at one time or another.But anyway I did enjoy it.
  6. Everyday Is Like Sunday~Morrissey Everyday is like Sunday Everyday is silent and grey
  7. Chips and a diet coke.
  8. 74
  9. My highest points were probably when I was a little kid discovering new music and experimenting with my looks.Everything just seemed so brand new and fabulous.And also spending good times with my family are very special to me. My low points are probably when my Mom and one of my sister`s found out I was self injuring and they got scared.I remember my Mom hiding all the scissors and knives in the house.I felt pretty low when I couldn`t even be trusted to use a knife to chop up vegetables for dinner.That was really a low point for me.Also where living with this illness has left me.I felt like I`ve never done anything with life because of this illness.It`s kind of hard for me to remember life before this came over me.
  10. ~Made lunch for my parents ~Cleaned the kitchen ~Did some reading