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  1. Having lunch and posting and reading here.
  2. -Cleaned the turtle tank -Cleaned the bathroom -Helped watch my nieces and nephew -Cleaned my bedroom -Made lunch for my family
  3. Talking to my Mom and my little sister.
  4. ~Today my big sis took me out to lunch and it was really nice. ~I helped my my Mom take her dog to the vet for shots and a nail trim ~I folded and put my laundry away.
  5. Just sipping on a diet Coke right now.
  6. Blackstar~David Bowie
  7. 30
  8. 34
  9. A bean and veggie burrito and a diet Pepsi.
  10. Having lunch today with my family.
  11. Here Comes The Sun~The Beatles
  12. 48