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  1. Tired of living other people's dreams

  2. What's Your "one Question?"

    And also: what is more important, accomplishment or happiness?
  3. Immobilized By Ennui

    You mention clinical depression, but no treatment at all. Sometimes loss of passion is a signal from the body that something more urgent must be attended to, namely your health. Trying new things and expanding your social circle is very healthy. I wouldn't get discouraged and keep doing it. However at the same time I'd seek treatment, if not with medication at least with therapy.
  4. What's Your "one Question?"

    Will I ever accomplish anything?
  5. Continuing with her will create more damage. No therapy at all is better than therapy with her It's not because the other ones are in training that they won't do a better job than her
  6. In your therapist's own words: I think you deserve much better than that
  7. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Safri Duo - Played A Live
  8. Your Feelings In Single Words #3

    jaded, pessimistic, overly concerned with aging
  9. What Are You Reading?

    conan the barbarian novellas
  10. Dream: Doctors, Stars

    I'm in a spherical room, with on it's inner surface a night sky with a multitude of stars. I learn that this room was made at the initiative of a bunch of doctors who took care of the funding. I ask them from which point of view do we see the stars. They tell me that it's an approximation of the Earth's point of view. Interpretation: Stars: personal destiny I'm following a destiny made and literally funded by my father, who happens to be a doctor in rl. The sphere evokes an egg, immaturity. I live in a fake world, an approximation of adult life. I'm not following my own destiny, but an approximation of it, designed by my father.
  11. First Things First

    welcome to df, looking forward to read more
  12. Your Feelings In Single Words #3

    been sleeping terribly all week, haven't been looking this pale in a long time
  13. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Daniel Bélanger Rêver mieux
  14. Hoi!!!

    Hey, glad you're still around