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  1. Considering your amazing contribution to this forum and the love and support you've given us, I think a place worst than this world would be a universe without you :)
  2. A Space Love Adventure - Thunderchrome/ Reign of the Outlaws
  3. Uncared for, even by myself
  4. Sorry for your loss (((((Epictetus)))))
  5. Heading to first day of work. Still bitter about not getting the salary I wanted. We'll see how it goes
  6. Went to the salary negociation meeting. They offered me lower than I wanted. I started out firm and refused, then they offered me a deal that was not totally what I wanted and I said yes. The person who I spoke with must validate the deal with his boss. I'm not totally satisfied. I think I could have held my end of the stick more. I have a lot to learn in terms of negociation. Sometimes I think it would be simpler if everyone had an agent like artists do
  7. Anxious about tomorrow's salary negociation
  8. I used to be a fan of playmobil as a kid. The other day I passed in front of a store and there were boxes of it on display behind the window. I thought it weird that now that I have the means to I don't buy any
  9. Part 1: I see a map of Quebec, and huge sea which could be James Bay. I see an artisanal, indigenous sculpture of the head of a wolf that is shaped in order to ressemble the province, with it's mouth representing the St-Lawrence Gulf. I am a scholar and researcher, and also a fish. I have a long nose to skewer other fish. I notice that by going under a layer of ice it's possible to reach Chile. I cross James Bay, and arrive in a town, and within this town I come to the house of a woman. I am uncertain if I should fish for my own food or if I should ask her to make me a meal. Part 2: I am in a restaurant. We are four at the table, including Seth MacFarlane. He seems thinner than on tv. We have an agreeable conversation. Later I am happily surprised at myself for having acted cool rather than starstruck. Part 3: I'm in a diner, there are a lot of other customers. I am sitting alone and well at ease. Then I feel like I'm about to die, even though I feel pretty good. I have a portable radio and earplugs, and switch the channel to one with nostalgic music from 1950's movies. Later one of the employee/owner, a woman, asks me what happened. I tell her about the feeling of dying and the radio, and she likes the idea of dying to such a sound. Part 4: I am seeing a collection of icons representing characters from the history of England. Some represent King and Queens. Another represents an historian who I respect a lot because he is also a good and successful fiction writer. He reminds me of Anthony Burgess.
  10. Aphex Twin - Rhubarb
  11. I broke up with my bf. We met in person, it went really well, we were both on the same wavelength and we agreed to stay friends
  12. Setting up my music gear for the first time since moving in in February
  13. Is there an equivalent of "Bros before hoes" for the gay world?