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  1. Finding difficult to accept my hair going grey.
  2. Glitter Wasteland - Rise and Fall
  3. Moka coffee
  4. Ambush - Sepultura
  5. Doomed, like I'm straying from the right path, disconnected from myself
  6. Les bienveillantes, Twilight new moon
  7. The pursuit of loneliness
  8. Lately suffering from poor sleep quality, low libido, might be some issue with my medication.
  9. Drinking a moka coffee
  10. Dream: hoverboard

    I'm in a school playground with a hoverboard like in Back to the future 2 I just acquired. There is another person playing with his own hoverboard, a guy around 13 yo, not fat but just slightly overweight. I go in circles around the playground with the hoverboard. It's easy to control. The engine emits a white light. At one point it seems like the engine is about to fall off, but after tinkering a little bit with it it seems secure. At one point the guy stops in front of me. I stop, disembark and sit on the ground to take some rest, and tell him that it's because I saw him play with his hoverboard the other day that I got inspired to get one. He says that just like me he used to practice in the bathroom before doing it in a playground. I don't understand the link and think that he may have misunderstood what I said. I get back on the hoverboard. There is another guy I don't know who comes to do the same thing.There might be a fourth person. We're all going in circles in the same direction. At one point I go in circles the other way, but shortly after I change back to avoid a frontal collision. Interpretation: I manage to integrate more play in my life.
  11. Went to a job interview. Got a great response from the interviewers during the process, now waiting for their final decision.
  12. Went to the job search center. Actually found a few interesting job offers.
  13. Karadox°SoftSpoken°-HypnoticSmoke
  14. unemployment

    This unemployment thing is starting to get very unpleasant. I have no structure. Lost all purpose. Complete adherence to procrastination. Even though I do nothing, days go by fast, just like when I'm busy. I have no compelling goal. Moments of enthusiasm are brief. I lost all work ethics. I wish I could depend on someone else financially. My only pleasure is eating sugar. Thinking about death and suicide daily. 99% of actions make me feel like I'm overextending myself. No motivation. Desire to isolate more and more.