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  1. Dream: hoverboard

    I'm in a school playground with a hoverboard like in Back to the future 2 I just acquired. There is another person playing with his own hoverboard, a guy around 13 yo, not fat but just slightly overweight. I go in circles around the playground with the hoverboard. It's easy to control. The engine emits a white light. At one point it seems like the engine is about to fall off, but after tinkering a little bit with it it seems secure. At one point the guy stops in front of me. I stop, disembark and sit on the ground to take some rest, and tell him that it's because I saw him play with his hoverboard the other day that I got inspired to get one. He says that just like me he used to practice in the bathroom before doing it in a playground. I don't understand the link and think that he may have misunderstood what I said. I get back on the hoverboard. There is another guy I don't know who comes to do the same thing.There might be a fourth person. We're all going in circles in the same direction. At one point I go in circles the other way, but shortly after I change back to avoid a frontal collision. Interpretation: I manage to integrate more play in my life.
  2. Went to a job interview. Got a great response from the interviewers during the process, now waiting for their final decision.
  3. Go girl, that's what I call a great rebound, enjoy your two dates
  4. Congratulations on having a access to the feeling of love and floating in the air. I had crushes but never really fell in love. I wouldn't close the door on love. Maybe there are things to be learned from this turn of event? Perhaps there were red flags? I believe your next relationship will be much more satisfying because this event will help you know yourself better and improve your ability to filter out guys like him.
  5. Thanks for the comment and advice :) I do fit the profile you're describing. These are good ways to give some structure to my days. I've been going to a job search center these past two days. At least it's a change of scenery and I'm surrounded by other job seekers, and there is a job counsellor if I need assistance.
  6. Went to the job search center. Actually found a few interesting job offers.
  7. Thanks for the tips :)
  8. Karadox°SoftSpoken°-HypnoticSmoke
  9. unemployment

    This unemployment thing is starting to get very unpleasant. I have no structure. Lost all purpose. Complete adherence to procrastination. Even though I do nothing, days go by fast, just like when I'm busy. I have no compelling goal. Moments of enthusiasm are brief. I lost all work ethics. I wish I could depend on someone else financially. My only pleasure is eating sugar. Thinking about death and suicide daily. 99% of actions make me feel like I'm overextending myself. No motivation. Desire to isolate more and more.
  10. Modern-Day Robinson Crusoe

    I saw the movie Nim's Island the other day. It's about Nim, a young girl living on an island when suddenly everything goes wrong when her father goes off to study plankton and doesn't come back, leaving her alone. She has to become a modern Robinson Crusoe, forage for food, etc. It's a family movie, intended for children and their parents. I'm not a child or a parent but it struck a chord in me. It reminded me of my own struggle as a child, having to become an emotional Robinson Crusoe within a family of cold and distant parents and sibling. I still am today to a large extent an emotional Robinson Crusoe. Excessively autonomous. Unable and unwilling to attach myself to others. I never cried after a breakup. I always keep an emotional distance with people, even the ones I had relationships with. I'm afraid of loving wholeheartedly, because I wasn't loved this way by my parents. I was taught that love is distant. And because my own love for them was always met with coldness. All my attempts to bridge the gap were unsuccessful. So I concluded it was a huge waste of energy and a source of distress to try to invest myself emotionally in others. It made be consider love as risky. Only now I'm starting to understand that it's ok to love without guarantees, that it's ok to love wholeheartedly without being certain things will last or work out in the future. If things don't work out, contrarily to when I was a child, I can move on. When I was a child, I was stuck with my parents, so it was justified to build walls to attenuate the daily disappointments that went on for years. Now I'm autonomous, I can choose who to have relationships with. Yes, it's going to hurt if I love someone and things don't work out as wanted, if the person leaves suddenly, etc. But as an adult I have the ability to turn the page, build a raft and leave the island.
  11. The stuff about strength and weakness makes me think the TED talk video The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown could interest you.
  12. Dream 1: - A comedian talks about his years within a comedy group and says that he stayed in it too long. Interpretation: a more laid back part of myself speaks in reference to a previous job/professional orientation that has resurfaced recently and in which I may have stayed too long. - I'm in my childhood bedroom. I suddenly feel very alone and wish for some company. At that moment I see three dogs just outside my room. One is small and covered by shadows. The other two are taller and I see them distinctly. They are both ugly, yet I let them enter. I pet one. I examine its eyes. The region around them has a sickly yellow color, and the eyeballs roll back underneath the eyelids like they were sleepy. Interpretation: I don't listen to my body or my instincts. The three dogs reprensent my parents and I. My true instincts are in the shadow of what my parents' taught me. Dream 2: I'm thinking about the fact that if you divide a positive number by a negative one, you get another number, which implies that there is an amount of negative in positive numbers. Interpretation: I tend to see negative things in positive situations.
  13. I'm thinking about the fact that if you divide a positive number by a negative one, you get another number, which implies that there is an amount of negative in positive numbers. Interpretation: I tend to see negative things in positive situations.
  14. I thought about suicide 😕 I'm not suicidal, but I think it's related to my job search, I might be getting into something I hate