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  1. Abilify

    Hi shinningrobyn,  Welcome to the Welcome New Members Forum! Any Pharmacy will  be happy to consult with you about your scripts.  Next time post in the Abilify Forum where you will get even more responses to your question!  Good luck to you and do not be afraid to post about anything here on DF.  ~Lindsay
  2. I'm New

    Welcome Michael!   You will find much caring and support here on Depression Forums from our Members and a plethora of reading in a multitude of different Forums to help you along. Take very good care of yourself and keep on posting. ~Lindsay
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  5. Starting new Topic where we last left off....   Right now it is that I cannot carry over our last few members' Quotes! 
  6. Hi!  Time for a new thread!  Due to a glitch in the new Forums, (which will be fixed), I could not bring over last few posts. Sarasota/Bradenton, FL 61Deg and windy  
  7. The "how Do You Feel Right Now?" Thread 2

    This is  the new "new look" for website avatars. It comes with our new updated software!  Sorry you don't like it, TS.  When members click on it,  it shows up much better.   There is a lot that I don't like that I would love to have fixed!  Be well,  -Lindsay, forum super administrator  
  8. Dream and dare the world to object” ♥ :hearts:


  9. It's February...any love songs?    
  10. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Locking Topic, starting new thread.
  11. Boys Vs Girls

    Topic overload! New Thread, Same Rules! We begun with the number 50. If you are male, add 2 to the previous post. Females subtract 2. Boys, your goal is to get the number to 100. Girls, your goal is 0. I will begin. 50  
  12. Boys Vs Girls

    Topic is now closed.  Will start over. ~Lindsay
  13. What Are You Eating?

    Fun Topic to continue started by AloneGuy  
  14. What Are You Eating?

    Closing topic, will continue with a fresh thread.
  15. A New Year, New Board coming....Starting fresh!