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  • No one should be alone in this. We can help.
If you - or someone you know - are having thoughts about suicide, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Calls are connected to a certified crisis center nearest the caller's location. Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.                                                                            If you - or someone you know - are having thoughts about suicide, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Calls are connected to a certified crisis center nearest the caller's location. Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Suicide Help -- PLEASE READ THIS!!

If you are considering suicide - this is your first place to visit on this forum!! THERE IS HELP AVAILABLE!!

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If You’Re Feeling Suicidal,... - last post by Lindsay


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A Special Forum to Welcome our 'NEW MEMBERS'!!

This area should be the first place you visit as a new member of our Forum!!

You will find information that may help you to make the best use of these Forums as quickly as possible. It will also make your visit more productive and will enhance your experience at this site.
The topics contained in this area should ease the process of using the Forum in your search for information.
Our members may also stop by and say 'Hey' ;)

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Can Talking Really Help? - last post by Dolphin2013


We warmly welcome you here as a GUEST!


What can you do as a Guest? When would I need to become a member? What is the procedure and steps to follow should I decide to join?

Please read the information in this section for the answers.

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The Depression Forums Priva... - last post by Forum Admin

Our Forums Terms Of Service (TOS) & FAQ

General, system and contact information.
We will also post system announcements here when necessary.

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Depression Forums Terms Of... - last post by Lioninwinter


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MNESN - Members Needing Extra Support Now!


We are not a Suicide/Crisis Intervention Center. If you are in imminent danger of hurting yourself, we urge you to refer to the first section of this Forum NOW!! You MUST get immediate professional help which we CANNOT provide here.


This area will be dedicated to members who need more than the usual support due to a particular event that is currently occurring in your life. We are not talking about life threatening situations here!!!!!

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Can't See A Psychiatris... - last post by chrisel

Our Information Portal

DF's Famous Portal

With information on just about
everything from videos to articles on mental health, depression, anxiety, mood disorders,
medications, DF's Medicine Chest,
therapy and recovery.

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Any depression related topics that are GENERIC in nature and do not fall neatly into one of the disorders or medication areas.
Some examples: possible causes of depression, effects on depression and work issues and day to day life in general.

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Depression And Anxiety: Loo... - last post by andreacrin5

The Relationship and Depression Forum

This is the forum to discuss your relationships and how they are impacted by depression. We will explore how relationships are either strengthened or weakened by the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Lets talk about the best ways to deal with your significant other while still coping with and overcoming your illness.

Depression can also be precipitated or intensified by a broken or abusive relationship. We will delve into the many issues and concerns presented by these situations.

There are SAAM Hotlines and Websites for Male Members who wish to address their issues.

This is also the room where significant others and their family members can vent their feelings of frustration and gain some knowledge and insight into the depressive state of mind.

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Can You Imagine The World W... - last post by in the shadows

SAAM Forum

Sexual Assault, Abuse, Molestation (SAAM) is any undesired physical contact of a sexual nature perpetrated against another person, which is for and about women.


This Forum is Password protected.

Please PM a Moderator or Support Staff for the password if your profile is completely filled out as well as having 25 posts around DF. Thank you.

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  • By shio


Anhedonia is essentially an absence of pleasure or reward. It is often referred to as a sense of apathy, "zombiness," or being numb. Although it It is commonly classified as a symptom of depression, it is often experienced as a unique state of mind that is debilitating in itself and poses many obstacles to every day life and relationships. This board is a place to discuss its effects and to offer support to those suffering from anhedonia and raise awareness of how it affects those who experience it.

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Describe Your Anhedonia In... - last post by jaiho

Parents and Children's Depression Central

This is a room for parents to profit from other parents' experiences and to learn from those members who were either depressed as children themselves or experienced the impact of living with parents who were depressed.

Parents of children who are afflicted with mental illnesses or are themselves afflicted such as ADD/ADHD, OCD, depression and bipolar disorder, can gain support and share information about the various medications prescribed for children. We will also discuss the impact of depressive medications on pregnancy and explore post Postpartum Depression.

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15 Year Old Daughter Severe... - last post by LadyDay1986

Bullying: Emotional and Physical Abuse

Bullying is when a person or group repeatedly tries to harm someone who is weaker or who they think is weaker. Sometimes it involves direct attacks such as hitting, name calling, teasing or taunting. Sometimes it is indirect, such as spreading rumors or trying to make others reject someone. Recently, bullying has even been reported in online chat rooms and through e-mail.

Often people dismiss bullying among kids as a normal part of growing up. But bullying is harmful. It can lead children and teenagers to feel tense and afraid. It may lead them to avoid school. In severe cases, teens who are bullied may feel they need to take drastic measures or react violently. Others even consider suicide. For some, the effects of bullying last a lifetime.

-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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To Myself And All The "... - last post by FeelinBlueAllTheTime

Depressed and Bipolar Children

Depression in children and Bipolar disorder in children often is misdiagnosed and misunderstood. Bipolar can be confused with the more common attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The confusion arises because mania and ADHD both involve hyperactivity, irritability and distractibility. These issues may be even more difficult in young children who display some of these behaviors and emotions normally. Early intervention can help to stabilize children who experience overwhelming mood changes and rages as well as to provide hope for their future.
If this room and these news articles help just one child it was well worth posting it.
Lets talk about our Depressed and Bipolar children and what researches are doing to help.

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Me And My Bipolar Disorder - last post by Wadokat

Depressed or Bipolar Moms and Dads

Bipolar Moms and Dads Face Extra Struggles
This Forum is dedicated to all those struggling families and individuals of a mentally ill parent. Perhaps by sharing and talking about their disorder we can together find solutions to this stigmatized condition that tends to cripple the whole family and know that your not alone.

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  • By didi768

Mental Health: Families and Caregivers

A forum for support for families and caregivers to discuss their issues caring for a loved one with a mental illness.
Many studies of family caregiving have found mixed findings in evaluating the effectiveness of community services in reducing family caregiver stress. In addition, the study also showed that some of the caregiver has limited experience in obtaining care.

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Will You Force Your Childre... - last post by mywarmblood

Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender Issues

A safe place for GLBT members and allies to talk about how our sexual orientation and gender identity relate to depression.

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Mid-Life Crisis Over Sexuality - last post by ZenDarling

The Depression and Religion Forum

This is a Secular Forum to explore the relationship between your Depression and Spirituality. It is an opportunity to discuss how your beliefs (or unbelief's) have helped or hindered you on your road to recovery.

Share the comfort and solace you have found in a Higher Power. Examine and discuss ways to strengthen your faith.

There are many beliefs relating to spirituality and faith. This is a place that welcomes & respects contributions from every member who contributes to a topic that relates to their depression & beliefs.

Remember, though, to keep your posts focused on personal support only; this room is not meant to proselytize or to be anyone's pulpit!

AT ALL TIMES, it is necessary that we write in a way that shows consideration of and respect for the beliefs or non beliefs of other members.

This is NOT a forum to debate religion or to hold purely religious squabbles. We are a Forum with a PRIMARY GOAL of dealing with Depression in various ways. Depression is at the heart of the topic and in EVERY topic in this Forum.

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  • By Misanthrop

Psych Education 101

*How Does Depression Differ From Occasional Sadness?
*What Causes Depression?
*Can Depression Be Successfully Treated?
*How Does Psychotherapy Help People Recover From Depression?
*In What Other Ways Do Therapists Help Depressed Individuals and Their Loved Ones?
*Are Medications Useful for Treating Depression?

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Going Through Depression Alone - last post by Dolphin2013

Mental illness and stigma: Coping with the ridicule

Archaic stereotypes and discrimination are painful reminders that mental illnesses are still stigmatized.
When mental illnesses are used as labels-depressed, schizophrenic, manic, or hyperactive-these labels hurt.

Labels lead to stigma -- a word that means branding and shame. And stigma leads to discrimination. Everyone knows why it is wrong to discriminate against people because of their race, religion, culture, or appearance. They are less aware of how people with mental illnesses are discriminated against. Although such discrimination may not always be obvious, it exists-and it hurts.

This Forum will continuously dig into the facts of Mental Illness and the stigma that surrounds it.

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People's Inappropriate... - last post by LonelyHiker


What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy — often referred to as talk therapy — addresses troubling symptoms and emotions using psychological techniques rather than, or along with, medication or other physical approaches.

There are many theories and styles of psychotherapy, but the two most popular forms are psychodynamic therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Experiences With Dialectica... - last post by gandolfication

Clinical Trials Connection Plus More

DF will be bringing you Information regarding Clinical Trials, Seminars and Community Calendar Events
which are open to the public.

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The Island Study: Insula As... - last post by Forum Admin


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Anxiety, Panic, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, (PTSD)

An open discussion of Anxiety and Panic attacks - An estimated 30 million Americans (including many Famous people) suffer from an illness of the nervous system that is medically recognized as an "anxiety disorder." This illness manifests itself in many distinct but related forms that all share extreme debilitating anxiety at their core. Further information on these types of anxiety disorders can be read inside this forum along with Post Traumatic Stress disorder, (PTSD).

  • 3,205 topics
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Posttraumatic Stress Disord... - last post by dontdrinkthewater2

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD)

Children & Adult. Many people use the term ADD as a generic term for all types of ADHD. The term ADD has gained popularity among the general public, in the media, and is even commonly used among professionals. Whether we call it ADD or ADHD, however, we are all basically here for support and information.

  • 317 topics
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Adhd Diagnosis At 30. - last post by SolaceInSolitude


Coping With Loss - Bereavement and Grief.
Of hope and healing in a private area for members who are grieving for a loved one.
PM any Moderator or Administrator for the password if you have five or more quality posts.

  • 418 topics
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  • Protected Forum
  • By Inbetween

Bipolar Disorder

For those of us who are Bipolar and all the various mood states in between - anything goes in this Forum -
From your heartaches to your wins!
Bipolar disorder is a "Type" of Depression, with many variations.
Depression is the dominant symptom, but in addition, people have over-energized states which can vary from very mild to very dramatic (not just "mania"; these states also include subtle agitation, irritability and insomnia).

  • 2,060 topics
  • 21,184 replies
Boyfriend Uses My Disorder... - last post by JSMitchell

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders... We are all about ED RECOVERY and are NOT in any way about pro-ana.
NO numbers, (NO weights, clothing size, BMI, calories, etc.), will be discussed.
We will discuss Anorexia, Bulimia, Compulsive Overeating & ED-NOS, where members with an ED can chat about their disorder and their ongoing recovery with their peers and receive information periodically.
You will find support, inspiration and education on your road to a healthy recovery.

Caution: This forum may be triggering, please enter with care.

  • 613 topics
  • 6,176 replies
I Made The Call... - last post by Phantastic Mirage

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - OCD

OCD sufferers enter here for a world full of understanding and answers to any of your questions

  • 764 topics
  • 10,501 replies
Unhealthy Obsession With A... - last post by Seeker2

Other Depressive Health Disorders

Members give support and talk about their illnesses and the impact and effects it has in regard to Depression and Anxiety:
Cancer, Fibromyalgia,(FMS), Multiple Sclerosis,(MS), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS),Premenstrual Syndrome,(PMS), Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, PMDD, Migraines, Postpartum Depression, (PPD), Paternal Postnatal Depression,(PPND), Parkinson's Disease, Lupus, Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), Epilepsy, Lyme Disease, Menopause and a host of other debilitating illnesses that lead to Depression.

  • 479 topics
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Women: Worse Anxiety/depres... - last post by neurotic_lady89

Personality and Other Mental Health Disorders

A discussion room for members with PD/BPD/PTSD DID and self harm support.
The above are some of the collection of disorders that co-exist and often feed off of each other in ways that make life very difficult for people diagnosed with it.
Discuss the problems associated with PD/BPD/PTSD/DID and Schizophrenia disorders. Learn about the trauma, abuse, its effects and recovery for Survivors.
There is no password for this Forum.

  • 741 topics
  • 6,181 replies
Working And Bpd + Did - last post by arboria

Self Injury (SI)

Self-injury: You are NOT the only one..
This is an SI Forum which offers member understanding and support. We have a section that contains a variety of ways that you can stop yourself from making that cut or burn or bruise right now.

Please enter with caution as this forum can be very triggering.
This Forum is Password Protected.
PM any Moderator or Support Staff for the password if you have five or more quality posts.

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  • By in the shadows

Substance Abuse & Recovery

Supporting each other in our fight against these addictions whether it be pain meds, antidepressants or alcohol.

This Forum is Password Protected.
PM any Moderator or Support Staff for the password if you have five or more quality posts.

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  • By bluetrue


The Problem: For whatever reasons, people abuse and become addicted to alcohol & drugs and when they do, their quality of life - as well as that of those around them - declines.
The Solution: By whatever means, people find recovery from substance abuse, alcoholism & addiction and when they do, their quality of life--as well as that of those around them--improves.
What you will find here: Answers...in the form of straightforward information and useful resources related to codependency, alcohol & drug abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, and (especially) recovery.

This Forum is Password Protected.
PM any Moderator or Support Staff for the password if you have five or more quality posts.

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  • By Valgomoms


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Generic Name: Aripiprazole

Brand Name: Abilify®

Abilify (aripiprazole) is an antipsychotic used to treat the mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia as well as in combination with other medications for depression such as mood swings.

  • 267 topics
  • 1,510 replies
Pregnancy Care Tips - last post by AlishaSmith

Celexa® (Citalopram) / Lexapro®/Cipralex® (escitalopram)

Celexa® is also marketed as Cipramil®, Apertia®, Cipram®, Elopram®,
Lupram®, Prisdal®, Sepram® and Seropram®.
Lexapro® is a new drug also marketed as Cipralex® and related to Celexa®.
Chat with us about your questions, concerns and comments about both drugs

  • 3,342 topics
  • 24,140 replies
New To Lexapro, New To This.. - last post by noxiousarcana

Cymbalta® - Cymbalta ® (duloxetine HCl)

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Cymbalta ® (duloxetine HCl; pronounced SIM-BALL-TA), judging it a safe and effective treatment for major depressive disorder. Let's talk about it.

  • 1,110 topics
  • 10,504 replies
Start Up Anxiety - last post by rceglie

Effexor® (Venlafaxine) / Pristiq® (desvenlafaxine)

Effexor®, Effexor XR®, & Pristiq® (desvenlafaxine), are used in OCD, Depression, Hot Flashes & Fibromyalgia -Discuss your questions and concerns here.

  • 1,700 topics
  • 11,219 replies
Venlafaxine Protracted/perm... - last post by Caelum


An effective treatment option for bipolar depression

You may be asking, what is LATUDA? LATUDA is a once-a-day prescription medicine approved as a treatment for bipolar depression in adults. LATUDA was shown in clinical studies to be effective for many people struggling with bipolar depression.

  • 3 topics
  • 6 replies
Latuda - last post by Lindsay

Paxil® - (also marketed as : Seroxat, Deroxat, Paroxetine & Pexeva)

Discuss your problems, questions, concerns and successes with one of the most popular SSRI's on the market today.
Information about dosage, side effects, and drug interactions.

  • 482 topics
  • 3,059 replies
Goodbye Paxil - Well, ...we... - last post by gentle sun

Prozac® (also marketed as Sarafem® and Fluoxetine)

Discussion for people currently taking Prozac, Sarafem or Fluoxtine or considering taking Prozac, Sarafem or Fluoxtine - we talk about benefits, side effects - EVERYTHING! Ask your questions, express your concerns, share your comments.

  • 1,190 topics
  • 8,341 replies
Tapering Down Prozac - last post by dark_muis

Remeron® - (Mirtazapine, Zispin)

BY request - A separate areas to discuss your questions, concerns and experiences with this newer NASSA medication.

  • 784 topics
  • 6,007 replies
15Mg Mirtazapine, Alright.... - last post by Givi


Generic Name: vilazodone (vil AZ oh done)

Brand Name: Viibryd® , Viibryd Starter
What is Viibryd? Viibryd (vilazodone) is an antidepressant in a group of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).
Viibryd is used to treat major depressive disorder (MDD).
Viibryd may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

  • 71 topics
  • 744 replies
Viibryd? - last post by browri

Wellbutrin® - (also marketed as Zyban® & Bupropion)

Wellbutrin SR®, Wellbutrin XL®
A forum to address your questions, concerns and issues with this popular medication.
Includes clinical and consumer information including indications and dosage, side effects and drug interactions, and contraindications.

  • 2,212 topics
  • 15,324 replies
Anyone Have Dry Mouth That... - last post by ZenDarling

Zoloft®, Lustral® - (Sertraline)

By request from many of you ... Used in the treatment of depression, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
A special place to discuss your Zoloft experiences.

  • 1,910 topics
  • 14,592 replies
Depersonalization And Feeli... - last post by neurotic_lady89

Other Depression and Anxiety Medications

Other Depression and Anxiety Medications is a place to discuss any medication that does not have its OWN distinct area above. For example: Xanax, Ativan, klonopin, Neurontin® (Gabapentin), Abilify® (aripiprazole), Lamictal® (lamotrigine), Topamax®, Serzone® (nefazodone), Depakote® (divalproex sodium), Buspar, Neurontin® (Gabapentin) and others should be posted here. Should one of these medications turn out to be a very popular topic, we will consider giving it its own forum in the future.

Please, DO NOT post here for CELEXA, PAXIL, ZOLOFT, PROZAC or any drug having its own forum discussion area.

  • 2,941 topics
  • 16,286 replies
How many antidepressant med... - last post by browri

Depression and Meds News

We may not have all the answers, but we'll give you the latest news on Depression and Meds.

  • 202 topics
  • 615 replies
Suicide risk does not incre... - last post by ZenDarling

Posting, Asking and Sharing

How our medications effect us, etc.

The treatment of mental disorders is a personal trial and error process.
Your wonder drug or combination of, will be discovered totally independent of what may or may not work for another individual. If one drug was the answer for everyone, then there would be only one drug on the market. We all react differently to different medications and varying dosages.
It may satisfy your curiosity to learn about other people's experiences, BUT this should never be the deciding factor as to what will work best for you.

Your questions answered..Our support given.

  • 1,648 topics
  • 9,430 replies
How Do You Know If You Shou... - last post by Phantastic Mirage


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Breaking Stories

A place to discuss current events related to depression and related illnesses. Look here for depression-related news articles. Join our discussions of how breaking news impacts our depressive illnesses, and add your support as we help each other deal with depression and the daily news.

  • 280 topics
  • 1,025 replies
Why Some Antidepressants Ma... - last post by Hazza


Mental Illness Ranks First In Terms of Causing Disability in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe
"When compared with all other diseases (such as cancer and heart disease), mental illness ranks first in terms of causing disability in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe, according to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO, 2001). This groundbreaking study found that mental illness, including depression, bipolar disorder, (manic Depressive) and schizophrenia, accounts for 25% of all disabilty across major industrialized countries". (President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health) We have inside MH Disability and how to apply-Let's talk about it.
Inside you will find resources on MH Insurance, as well. Health insurance discrimination exacerbates the stigma that discourages people from seeking treatment for mental and substance abuse disorders.
We strive to obtain equality in Mental Health care coverage to eliminate the stigma, as it is no different from any other medical illness.

  • 314 topics
  • 1,596 replies
Dds Troubles - last post by LeBlanc

Mental Health and Depressive Disorder Internet Links

  • 17,248 Hits

One Step At A Time

What has been working for you? This is the place to come to share the positive actions you are taking towards recovery. For example, it could be Nutrition, Exercise, Meditation, self help books, Poems, great websites, (no links please), or any other activities that help you and bring hope and healing to you and will be beneficial to other members. Many of us find that writing helps us move forward; We've recently added a poetry thread to this room. Feel free to share your poetry here, or start your own Blog to post your writings by just going into your Settings to set up your Blog! We hope this area will help you on your Road to Recovery.

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  • 43,302 replies
How Do You Feel Today #31 - last post by in the shadows

The DF Water Cooler

Eclectic OFF TOPIC chatter. Come hang out around the cooler with friends. Share your thoughts, relax and get to know each other.
What's new in your world?

Please respect the fact that we are PG13 rated forums and subscribe to the HONcode on the net.

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  • By SoulSurvivor

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