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1.) No numbers (weights, clothing size, BMI, calories, etc.) -- No use of numbers [related to weight, calories, bmi, clothing size, desired weight-loss goal, how many days you've gone without eating, how many times you've purged, how many laxatives you've taken, etc.].
2.) No suicide notes -- Suicidal posts or "goodbye" letters related to suicide are not allowed. Posts of a suicidal nature, or that appear to be goodbye letters because a person is contemplating suicide will be closed, and the member will be referred to real-time help from their family members or doctors, and to a LIST OF SUICIDE HOTLINES where they can seek help immediately.

3.) No links in your profile (or signature) to personal diary, journal, myspace or blog websites. The reason for this is simple. We have some basic rules here that need to be followed so members are not triggered or encouraged to stay focused on discussing nothing but behaviors and a negative body image. To link to your online blog is to potentially try to get around the rules here so you can share information we do not permit, or simply to share triggering content (even if your intention is not to trigger anyone). Blogs are meant to be private, and to be a helpful tool in your recovery in talking about how you feel - they are not meant to be a place to share all the gruesome details and methods or your ED, or your calorie intake and weight.

4.) NUMBERS in your posts will be edited with XX and you will see who edited your post. We will no longer notify you through PM's. We do not have the time any longer to be chasing after members who do not read the 'rules' of these forums. Please respect our Terms OF Service. Thank you!