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  2. Thank you! <3 I hope so too.
  3. I understand. I don't like to be touched either. When someone touches me, unwarranted, I usually turn to "stone" I will freeze up and try to block the sensation. I think for myself I do have a fear of intimacy. I don't like feeling vulnerable to anything. Maybe you have a fear of intimacy too.
  4. I Know One ~ Gentleman Jim Reeves
  5. Someplaces have support gropus for depression and other thins like this. Some... Maybe try on A.A. ? Really common A.A. have support gropus. Call to your closer public hospitals and ask for support groups. Stay with your thoughts in mind could be very bad. Or me be you can find someone online, hope someone read your message and you get in touch. Bye.
  6. I'm chronically ill with chronic pain, I am also an alcoholic. I was clean until I got sick. I can piece together a year, 1 year, 2 years, 6 months 6 weeks etc.I need a dual diagnosis treatment program that doesn't necessarily treat addiction, but more on helping me get out of depression. Are there any places like that in the US that take medicare? It really is what I need. Is there such a place?
  7. Glad you found DF eyeball390!. I have been going through similar issues, problems with meds, break up of a relationship, few friends. DF has been a tremendous source of strength. I would love it be in your place and have med that is working for me, I also encourage you not to perceive taking medication as a source of weakness! Best wishes!!!! Lex
  8. Peter O'Toole The Definitive Biography - Robert Sellers
  9. Maze Born Trouble -- Ginn Hale
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  11. (((goincrazy))) You are not a bad person or a failure!
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