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well i start school tomorrow, i have to finish a a book ( I'm half way done) than i have to take notes in four big texts books :/, an I'm really stressed an i have a headache an i can't concentrate an i start school tomorrow. which i mean i love school an all but I'm just really stressed not to mention that my birthday is on saturday, an people are making a big deal of it an i don't see or get why they are. but i also get to see patti an melony which is great ! i love them an all an I'm really close to them an they are great chemical dependency therapist an all, my mom saw them an i did for support an all an as a therapist too. an than I've fallen for someone but they don't know that an he is like my best friend, an he has another girlfriend now so i can't tell him, it just hurts to see the one you love with someone else you know...but he is also a little older but neither of us care an before like three months go he said he loved me more than a friend but i said he just thinks he does, but i guess i should of told him then how i felt/feel i just don't know what to do.

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