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Standing Still

Posted by Lady Mozzer , 31 August 2012 · 222 views

I want to be positive.I`ve been feeling unwell lately.When I`m not feeling ill I`m feeling nothing at all.It`s foggy up there and I don`t like it all.Life seems empty,hollow and grey.I can`t get pleasure from anything.On the outside I try to keep it together because I don`t want to burden anyone.My family asks me "what`s wrong".I just say it`s one of those days.I`m just so numb.It`s hard to focus.Life is just passing me by and I`m standing still.

((HUGS)) I know how you feel. My mother still thinks I can positive think myself out of my depression. People who haven't been here don't understand. But I do, and I hope you find some relief soon.
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Aug 31 2012 08:06 AM
Hi Lady M,

I'm sorry you are sort of standing still right now. However, for us, standing still is sometimes a great victory. It may not seem that way to you right now, but it is. My heart goes out to you because I understand. Much love! xxxooo
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Hiya Mozzer,

Yep, I can totally see where you're coming from. Completely. I can really empathise with the whole feeling of being a burden, it can feel like that at times. You're doing really well by even TRYING to keep it together, so take that as a positive out of it! Trying is always good.

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Lady Mozzer
Aug 31 2012 07:44 PM
Thank you Shmooey,LibraryLady and Mark for the hugs and love.Your kindness and understanding mean the world to me.Thank you so much!
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