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Beyond Blue

Posted by Lady Mozzer , 27 July 2012 · 386 views

I have been having difficulty describing how I`ve been feeling lately.I just didn`t have the words.It`s like my mind was empty and there was nothing left of me.Just this giant void.Now I`m just feeling the depression set in again.It`s always been with me but now it`s become much more intense.I feel so,so blue and it`s hard to get out of bed.

My reality is either racing thoughts and the inability to focus or crippling depression or feeling nothing at all.I think some sense of being normal would be great for once.I`m just so tired.


I can completely empathise with the situation you find yourself in Mozzer. The racing thoughts in particular - they can be very disconcerting, and it's something I'm struggling with. I've been talking with my therapist about this.

Here's a little snippet of information that may help you challenge these racing, unwanted thoughts.


Take care
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I'm sorry you're having such a hard time too. My issues are different, but I've definitely been in a bad way. I hope things get better for both of us!

Jul 27 2012 09:41 AM
I hope things get better for everyone here on the DF! We need some good days, don't we?!
Amen to that m'lady! (shouts to the heavens)
Jul 27 2012 07:38 PM
I know exactly what you mean Lady M ((hugs))
Lady Mozzer
Jul 30 2012 08:23 PM
Thank you all so much for the hugs and support.Sending some giant hugs back!





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