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Anxiety Attack Yesterday

Posted by LibraryLady , 26 March 2012 · 277 views

Well, I did not have a good weekend. I was heading out of town on Saturday with one of my sisters and my car started acting up. I get really freaked out about my car, because it is so difficult for me to put it in the shop. I have no spouse to take me to work or help me with the car. It is an anxiety trigger for me.

So, we had to turn back home and did not get to do the fun day we planned. By Sunday morning I had worked myself into a lather over it and was crying hysterically to my sister on the phone. I had asked a friend, who is a mechanic, to come over mid morning to look at my car and try to figure out what was wrong. By 11 a.m. he had not shown up and I was really hysterical. My friend showed up at noon and wondered what was wrong with me because it was obvious I'd been crying.

My friend looked over my car and in about 5 minutes figured out it needed the coils replaced. A quick trip over to the auto parts store and $75.00 and the car was back to normal. I got pizza for my friend as a reward, and all was well with the world.

Of course I am not well. No normal person would have the anxiety attack I had over the damned car!Today I'm very tired and depressed. Why can't I be normal, like everyone else, and handle these everyday issues without having a hissy fit!? I have such difficulty dealing with the regular events of life, things that most people wouldn't think about for two seconds.

I get into a tizz over when to gas up my car. Should I go before work, or after work? If I wait, will I run out of gas? Should I fix hamburger for dinner, or chicken? It's all agony.

Thankfully, I have my very first ever appointment with a Psychiatrist tomorrow. It's obvious my current medication is not working. I either need to up the dose, or change to something else. I'm hoping to just up the dose, but I'll do whatever the Dr says. I'm getting pretty desperate to get myself into some sort of "normal" state of being!

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