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[center]DF Chat Rules[center/]
Our Depression Forums Chat Room is opened to Members with 20 posts and above to support one another and have a lively, fun chat.

Eclectic OFF TOPIC chatter. Come hang out around The Depression Forums Chat Room, meet new friends. Share your thoughts, relax and get to know each other.

Please remember we still are PG13 rated and you still must abide by our DF Terms Of Service, (TOS).
We all must exercise good judgment in what we Chat about and we trust you, as our Members, to uphold DF standards in the Chat Room. To help keep DF the wonderful place that it is. A safe Haven for it's members.

Please note:
* This is a pro-life support Chat Room, no threats of Suicide or you will be reported and kicked off the Chat.

* No advocating any illegal act, violence, sexual or drug related.

* No posting links, live or just in text. They will be immediately deleted. We do have an Internet links site above that you may submit a website to.

* No personal or contact information allowed in this forum/chat room. * Remember, no one here is a professional. Our moderators are volunteers.

* If you feel triggered, either learn to cope or leave the Chat Room, or put the offensive member on "ignore", as you are your own responsibility.

* Just because you may be suicidal, these rules will still be strictly applied * Repeated offenses may result in being banned from DF.

* Please Treat others as you would have them treat you, with respect and sympathy. We are all in this together.

Suicide Helplines. Threatening suicide or even talking of suicide ideation, self harm or self medication in chat is not permitted because it is triggering to other members who, like you, are fragile and trying to recover.

These rules are in place to protect all members. DF's primary mission is support. We work to provide a safe haven for people managing mental illness. Your adherence to these rules ensures that chat, like the rest of DF, is that safe haven. Thank you for your cooperation.

~Lindsay, Forum Super Administrator and The Depression Forums Administration Team